Learn Ikebana

Would you like to learn Ikebana? Ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arrangement, takes years of study to master, but some of the basic principles can be appreciated without formal study. I love Ikebana and want everyone to be able to enjoy the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging and be able to create their own styles.


The beautiful Japanese tradition of floral arrangement has origins dating back to 6th century Japan, when the Buddhist practice came to the country. More than just 'arranging flowers' Ikebana is an art form where the arrangements emphasize unusual parts of the plant or flower, including: stems, leaves, or a single bud. Creatively, the focus is upon form, shape, line, and color with the actual vessel the arrangement sits within playing an integral part.

How is it different from other arrangements?

Ikebana arrangements are asymmetrical. Ikebana encompasses the act of flower arranging. An Ikebana arrangement is always close to natural surroundings where plants of varied beauty exist together, in different color form and shape. The extension of our natural beauty is what an Ikebana arrangement attempts to bring to any living space creating a perfect balance of harmony and joy.

Why Wait

Contact Prabha Bhandari the founder of E-Flowers r us / FreshFlowerIndia.com. She is a certified Ikebana artist, Instructor, trained for many years in the Ohara school of Ikebana, in Japan.

She began learning Ikebana, as a hobby when she lived in Japan in 1974. She visited Japan, on many occasions and continued to enrich herself with not only the technique but the underlying philosophy of this beautiful art. What started many years ago as a hobby, has flourished into a national influence where her arrangements liven up office spaces, wedding events, or any occasion of celebration. She holds regular classes. Email her for more information at prabhabh1950@gmail.com